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Choose life buy the field bread for betrayal i'm not coming down the spoils of god dancing with the scars altar builders i was free born crucified for life a cause bigger than yourself god demands your best god understands that children something worth saving fathers' day:Access to the daddy pentecost sunday:The wings of the wind this is of the stones give me this mountain the limits of love how far to bethany?Heaven is my destination depression seeing the invisible when we all get to heaven what are you going to do about your problem?The worship effect what it's all about of the mothers the air jordan shoes online dubai truth shall make you free the hiding place how much do you weigh?The three days that changed our world.Matthew 13:44 My title today comes from the last clause in matthew 13:44.This area.The story of this parable seems to be simple and simple investment.A man found a display, hid it in an area, then went and sold all that he had and bought this line of business.We are really not told what the treasure was silver, or precious stones we know that it key been extremely valuable for him to totally sell out and go buy it.Once you start to probe around the edges, even so, concerns start coming.Why didn he simply take the treasure home?Why did he have to sell?Why did he buy the flying field? Jesus christ has lessons to educate that astound and astonish, perplex and problem, plot and mystify, and nightmare and shame us.He occasionally unfolds a value system to us that defies human logic, yet proves the vast superiority of divine logic.He places value on the strangest things like a little lunch usually composed of five loaves and two fishes;Two dust termites of a widow, a single gold coin, a baby lamb and a common visitor headed to jericho.On the contrary, he despises such treasures as the kingdoms around the globe, the acclamation and adoration of the masses and private pleasure.God value system always seems to be mystifying to anything and everything we think as rational human beings. I'll just tell you why we bought the field we now call 5701 sylvania ave.The fac heard of this property in 1977.Previously belong to the champion sparkplug people, the type of stranahans.It was part of wildwood wilderness preserve towards the south, cheesy miakonda, the boy scout to its northern border and the stranahan arboretum next to it.The building of i 475 left this strip of land between the freeway and sylvania ave.It happened in trust by toledo trust bank, and they had it available for sale.Draper development company had taken out an option on it and listed it for one day in the toledo blade.They wish $150, 000 sell.Younger dad rod farnsworth saw the ad and told pastor kinzie.A team of our advisory board members drove out here to see it.It was ready five miles due west from our former location on jackman rd.The house and property is about twenty five acres, a half kilometer long, from the low countries sylvania to the west and ottawa creek on the east.So immediately, of the twenty five acres, approximately half of it is usable.There has become a ditch the runs all along the south by the freeway.We can make use of it(At least not without a fortune and red tape. )Could possibly flood plain of about six acres on the east end.The epa says immediately touch it.But we couldn buy the just the remainder of the twelve good acres.We had to buy everyone in your field.Our attorney said delay until the option expired and offer tt $75, 000.We did and they also sold it to us.Many why we did?Because there were a treasure here.There seemed to be a church here.Ohio, it wasn designed yet.We had a lot of work to do before you can easliy actually see it.But by confidence, every one of us thought that a treasure existed on this field.But if we bought an office, we had to chose the ditch and the flood plain.It didn subject.The treasure was worth the money! Becoming, back to the Nike shoes uk outlet tale.Exactly it really mean? (Pupils say jesus was the man, israel was the prize, and life was the field.Jesus redeemed the world to save israel. )Without denying that presentation, i submit to you that the parable ended up being much more.It might be that we were the man who found the treasure.The actual issue was, it wasn very ours.It belonged to web-Sites the field.We hid our treasure because we didn really know how to handle it.It was a large find.It had the to change our very lives.But nonetheless, now that it was in area of, we had to go get some funds to buy the field.The extent it would cost was staggering.We didn have that kind of money just already there.It resulted in we had to sell everything we had and to buy the field.We could not simply buy the treasure as the owner wouldn sell it to us.We had to buy your entire field.I don appreciate how much it cost in actual currency.All i know is that it cost each and every we had. This is an ideal picture of grace.Ephesians 2:8 9(Kjv)By grace are ye saved to faith;And that not of her:Oahu is the gift of god:9 Not of is successful, Lest any man require boast.Grace comes into our control at no cost to us, but it's hidden in a field.The only way we can access this grace is to pay the last price.Free grace costs everything you could have!Having said that, don let that prevent you.The man who spent all to buy the field knew that he would definitely come out so far ahead that the price he had to pay was laughable. 2 Corinthians 4:15 17(Kjv)15 For all circumstances are for your sakes, That the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving holiDay of many redound To the glory of God.16 which is why cause we faint not;But though our To the outside man perish, yet the inward man is renewed Day-To-Day.17 For our light malady, Which is but as it were, Worketh for us a more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. I think the first thing we need to comprehend is that the gospel is not accessible to Buy nike blazers thieves, thieves, murders and plunderers.It doesn come as a standalone commodity, as if you can strip salvation from the hands of jesus and run away with it.Have you ever heard the term that means someone who picks out only what they already want and discards the rest.Completely absolutely not, that doesn't the way we come to jesus.If you prefer the sun, you have to buy the universe that is included with him.When you require the tree, you need to buy the forest.When you really need him, there is the buy the field.Except, i some people think this He brought my sins away, he ingested my sins away, he adopted my sins away,.

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